UNIONDALE - Members of Nassau's Corrections Department attended a Nassau County Interim Finance Authority meeting Monday to ask when the county's three-year wage freeze will be lifted.

As News 12 has reported, the county recently gave out about $800,000 total in wage increases to appointed and non-union workers. NIFA has ordered the county to rescind or "claw back" those raises because the watchdog group says the county can't afford it.

The corrections workers say that they deserve raises, too, as the cost of living continues to rise.

"My members wanted to come here to this meeting not as a protest, but as a wake-up call to the county," said John Jaronczyk, of the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association.

NIFA originally put the wage freeze in place at the request of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, who needed to save money in the budget.

The county executive has argued that many of the workers who received raises had more responsibilities due to a large amount of cuts.

NIFA passed an amendment at the meeting requiring the Mangano Administration to provide detailed information about each employee who received a pay bump. They are giving the administration two weeks to provide the job details.

A Mangano spokesperson released a statement that says "While each elected official must speak for their own payroll, the administration will provide the information, which clearly indicates County Executive Mangano has produced significant savings for taxpayers."

NIFA could decide to impose a hiring freeze in order to close the loop hole that allows raises to go out to non-union workers. They say the county executive needs to find money in the budget if the wage freeze is to be lifted for everyone.