MINEOLA - (AP) - A Nassau County police officer has admitted he had inappropriate sexual contact with a woman during atraffic stop.

Garrett Mannerz pleaded guilty Wednesday to official misconduct.He's resigned from the Nassau County police force.

The 34-year-old officer was arrested following the Februarytraffic stop in East Meadow.

Prosecutors say three women were in the car. After the driverwas given a sobriety test, Mannerz summoned a passenger to hispatrol car, where prosecutors say he coerced her into touching himsexually. He let the women go, but allegedly called one of them later fora date. Prosecutors say she recorded the call and told police.

The six-year police veteran was sentenced to 80 hours ofcommunity service. He was barred from contacting the women.

Nassau cop accused of sexual misconduct during traffic stop