WOODBURY - The Nassau County comptroller is claiming one of Long Island's biggest hospitals may have been wasting millions in taxpayer dollars.

The claim comes following an audit of Nassau Health Care Corporation (NHCC), the corporation that runs Nassau University Medical Center.

Nassau Comptroller George Maragos says the audit found 14 major errors.

Maragos says the audit found billing errors that resulted in a loss of up to $6.5 million, $4 million in contract awards without competitive billing, excessive overtime paid to non-medical employees and unauthorized vehicles allowed to receive fuel, and that NHCC overcharged Nassau County more than $47,000 for termination pay.

In a statement, NHCC says, "The figures cited by the comptroller's office are expressed as so-called "charges", which dramatically overstate the amount of revenue which potentially could have been collected. We disagree with many of the comptroller's findings."