WOODBURY - Five Nassau communities are now equipped with high-tech devices to monitor noise coming from overhead planes.

Residents from neighborhoods in the flight paths of JFK International Airport have been dealing with the racket from arriving and departing flights.

One of the portable noise monitors now resides in the backyard of Malverne resident Larry Hoppenhaeur, who is on the Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee for the Town of Hempstead.

"In Malverne, we're affected mostly by departing flights from JFK," Hoppenhaeur said. "The departing flights, they're full throttle, so we get a lot of noise."

Any Nassau resident is able to apply for the noise monitors, which are given out by the Port Authority. Residents can then place the device in their backyard or any place of business affected by the noise.

According to the Port Authority, the monitors will collect data concerning flight paths of JFK-bound or departing flights. The agency says the monitors part of a larger study on the impact of planes.

Port Authority further elaborated its goals in a statement, saying, "The overall goal is to provide noise relief to communities where possible and practical, while ensuring the continued regional economic benefits of air travel."

The data collected is measured in decibels in real time. Residents can see if it goes above what the FAA has ruled an acceptable sound level.

The monitors are now in place in East Hills, Franklin Square, Old Brookville, Roslyn Heights and Floral Park, in addition to Malverne.