MINEOLA - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) has announced budget cuts that will result in 213 layoffs, as well as pay freezes and mandatory furloughs. Mangano says 307 vacant jobs won't be filled. The remaining county employees will face a 13-day unpaid furlough. Beginning in July, they'll lose one day of pay every two weeks. Mangano characterized the measures as "very painful, but necessary," adding that every department will be affected. The county police department will also feel the pain. Mangano wants to redeploy about 150 police officers, moving them onto street patrols to slash overtime costs. Mangano says he also may be forced to shut down the entire 6th Precinct in Manhasset. Nassau PBA President James Carver says he opposes Mangano's plan, a sentiment also expressed by CSEA President Jerry Laricchiuta. Laricchiuta says he's still holding meetings with Mangano in an effort to work out a deal to prevent layoffs. Meanwhile, county workers have expressed concerns after learning of the revised budget plan. "We are relying on those incomes to survive in Nassau County," says county employee Guadalupe Johnson, of Westbury.Besides county workers, some local residents have also expressed disapproval with the budget, although Mangano was quick to point out there will be no property tax increases under his plan. The Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), a state watchdog group, is expected to review Mangano's revised budget today.

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