MINEOLA - Nassau Board of Elections Commissioner William Biamonte spoke with News 12 Long Island today to explain how votes are tallied.

After the polls close at 9 p.m. at each polling place in Nassau County, there are a set of bipartisan Election Day inspectors and one chairperson who collect the flash drives containing the results from each election district.

They then put the flash drives in a secure red bag that is sealed by security. Each chairperson drives the bag to the closest police precinct, where officers take possession of the bag and drive it to the Board of Elections headquarters in Mineola.

Once they get to Mineola, there are 10 Board of Elections employees on hand who are responsible for scanning each bag, removing the flash drives and then downloading them into the election management software program. It's a process Biamonte admits can sometimes take hours.

Election officials in Suffolk County say they've found a way to make the process faster and more accurate. At 9 p.m., officials at each polling place collect their flash drives and put them in secure red bags. They are then escorted by police or sheriffs to one of 25 remote locations in the county - either a government building or police precinct. Election officials say volunteers are on hand at those locations to upload the results directly to the Board of Elections software.