WOODBURY - Nassau County attorney John Ciampoli is calling for a criminal investigation into Democratic Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams and the rest of the Democratic caucus. Ciampoli claims that the contents of a letter from the Democrats addressed to the county executive include attempts at bribery, coercion and obstruction of governmental process. He's now asking the Nassau district attorney to investigate. The letter talks about redistricting and bonding to pay tax refunds to residents, two heavily debated topics in the county. Ciampoli, a Republican, says the last line of the 3-page letter uses coercion and bribery. It reads: "Until there is fair, non-partisan Redistricting, there will be no bonding." Michael Florio, communications director for the Nassau Democrats, calls the accusations baseless. Meanwhile, political analyst Jerry Kremer calls the whole thing "tacky," but not criminal.