WOODBURY - A Queens teen has pleaded guilty to all charges he was facing for two sexual attacks on Long Island.

Nashane Peterkin admitted to beating, choking and raping a woman in her 60s at Valley Stream State Park on Sept. 1. He was also involved in an attempted rape of a 30-year-old pregnant woman as she was walking home from the Valley Stream LIRR station on Aug. 12.

Peterkin’s charges included rape, assault, strangulation and sexual assault.

The assistant district attorney asked the judge to consider giving Peterkin the maximum sentence, saying Peterkin should be considered beyond the possibility of rehabilitation because he had committed such aggressive acts at such a young age.

The judge allegedly told Peterkin he'd likely sentence him to 20 years behind bars. The judge also told the 17-year-old he could face an additional 20 years of post-release supervision.

Sentencing is scheduled for February.