WESTBURY - Members of Long Island's Muslim community gathered in Westbury Sunday to remember the lives lost on Sept. 11.

A peace garden and a plaque have been designed outside the Islamic Center of Long Island to remember those who lost their lives during the Sept. 11 terror attacks, including a 32-year-old first responder who was a member of the mosque.

Dr. Isma Chaudhry, the president of the Islamic Center of Long Island, says it's important for the Muslim community on Long Island to play a prominent role in the healing process of the terror attacks.

The Muslim community says while the country lost its innocence in many ways on Sept. 11, their religion has lost its good name.

"That put our religion on the map, in a negative way, because everybody thought that most Muslims were terrorists," says mosque member Qamar Zaman.

Zaman says the attacks carried out by radical fundamentalists put an unwanted spotlight on peaceful Muslims, who have been compelled to defend their patriotism and the true nature of their religion ever since.

He hopes that the event held Sunday as well as others will shed light on the true measure of Muslims and Islam in the United States.