MIDDLE ISLAND - Residents in Middle Island are concerned after a dangerous mulch fire on Sunday.

Despite warnings from the Town of Brookhaven and the state DEC, News 12 reports that mulch operations are still continuing in the area.

As News 12 reported last August, Green Vision Materials was illegally recycling and mulching on residential property without permits, according to the Town of Brookhaven. Town officials say the problem is still continuing and growing bigger every day.

Beyond the smell, people are worried that three recent fires at the mulch site could spread, according to Middle Island Civic Association Vice President Gail Lynch-Bailey.

"This past weekend there was a huge fire with flames, endangering everybody on this block as well as all the local firefighters. Three different departments had to respond. They were in there for hours. This is a very, very dangerous situation for everybody involved," she says.

The chief of the Middle Island Fire Department says that he fears the next mulch blaze might be uncontrollable.

Brookhaven Town Attorney David Moran plans to seek a Supreme Court injunction against the mulch operation next week.

News 12 reached out to Green Vision for comment, but a pickup truck and two men blocked the crew from entering their complex.