WOODBURY - The MTA unanimously voted today to end its contract to run the Long Island Bus system in Nassau County.

Some of the 100,000 people who use the service to get around every day say they are angry and are now stranded with no way to get to work.

The MTA voted to cut funding entirely to the bus system it has had with Nassau County for four decades because it says the county did not live up to its end of funding obligations. The decision means 25 out of the 48 bus lines will be cut.

Instead of putting money into the Long Island Bus, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says he wants to privatize the line beginning next year. Mangano says it will provide a cheaper more efficient service to bus riders. Critics say privatizing the bus service will only make the rates go up.

The cuts to the bus lines are expected to happen in July, when the funding runs out.

However, earlier this month, a deal was made to keep the bus service running on a normal schedule until the end of the year.