WOODBURY - The MTA is using radio and newspaper ads to up the pressure on the Long Island Rail Road unions to call off the looming strike.

"Unionized Long Island Rail Road workers are the best paid in the nation. They make almost $90,000 a year, get free health care and generous pensions," one radio ad says.

Union leaders are calling the ad campaign a "disgrace" and a waste of money.

“You're spending millions of dollars to beat up your employees, who are running the system, when you should have spent that money at the bargaining table,” said union leader Anthony Simon.

An MTA spokesperson says the reason for the ad campaign is to make clear that union workers have been offered "significant raises" despite the threat of a strike.

Most of the people News 12 spoke with say they don't care about the public relations battle behind the negotiations. They just want both sides to find a solution.