HICKSVILLE - Some frustrated Long Island Rail Road commuters want to know why a broken signal at Penn Station led to dozens of cancellations and delays Tuesday evening.

The railroad was forced to cancel 21 trains. It ran 38 others with considerable delays.

The MTA blamed the problem on Amtrak and said the signal outage occurred in and around Penn Station, which the LIRR does not control.

The chairman of the MTA's own Citizen's Advisory Council, Mark Epstein, has renewed his call for an LIRR commuter to be placed on the Amtrak board. He says the LIRR has suffered far too many signal meltdowns.

"The problem is when we hear from Amtrak…Amtrak shrugs its shoulders," says Epstein. "That's a problem. We aren't getting answers."

According to the MTA's own records, the LIRR has suffered eight track circuit signal outages since December 2015.

Amtrak did not return News 12's calls to comment. The MTA says a tunnel rehabilitation is scheduled to be completed by Amtrak by early next year.