HAUPPUAGE - Hauppauge High School officials confirmed today that a female student was diagnosed with the potentially deadly MRSA infection, but has since returned to class.

The school superintendent sent a letter to parents yesterday stating that there was a confirmed case of the drug-resistant infection. Officials say the school was sanitized and is open, but parents say they are still worried.

"I know my kids carry the hand sanitizers around in their purse and the car, but is that enough?" wonders Ann Hildebrand, of Port Jefferson Station.

Doctors say MRSA is typically spread through skin-to-skin contact in hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, weight rooms, locker rooms and, less frequently, in classrooms. Cases can range from very mild to extremely severe.

Suffolk Health Commissioner Dr. James Tomarken says there's no need for parents to panic because most of the cases are very mild and require limited or no treatment.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, another case of MRSA broke out at Hauppauge High School back in February, nearly taking the life of star wrestler Nick Mauriello.Letter from school superintendent