LONG BEACH - Drive-ins may be a thing of the past, but outdoor movies are still alive and well on Long Island.

Outdoor movie night events are drawing huge crowds during the summer on Long Island.  Even though viewers now take in the flicks in lawn chairs, instead of cars, the experience of watching movies outdoors still provides a unique environment among friends and family members.

"It's a great opportunity to do something with the kids," says Heather Lang, of Selden.  "The summer goes really fast."

At a recent screening of the classic 'Jaws' in Long Beach, residents say they got to watch one of their favorite movies while munching on ice cream and enjoying the night air.

Attendees at a viewing of 'Finding Nemo' at Harborfront Park in Port Jefferson say Mother Nature provides the perfect backdrop for movie night.

"Look at the scenery," says Linda Lysaght, of Port Jefferson Station, as she points to the waterfront. "I mean, where can you get this?"

While the older generation still fondly remembers drive-ins, younger Long Islanders are making new memories of their own while watching movies under the stars.