SMITHTOWN - A Smithtown mother says she's outraged at the school district's response after her daughter was brutally attacked at school last month. Gabby Pategna, 15, says another student started punching her in the girl's bathroom at Smithtown High School back on Dec. 7. She says two other girls watched and about five boys blocked the bathroom door, egging her attacker on. Pategna says she suffered a concussion and was badly bruised.Pategna's mother says she hired a lawyer and is speaking out because she doesn't believe the district took enough disciplinary action against her daughter's attacker. "There should be much stricter discipline guidelines," she says. "There should be mandatory counseling. There should be community service." Smithtown Superintendent Edward Ehmann says that the district thoroughly investigated the incident and followed proper disciplinary procedures. The Pategnas say they have filed criminal charges and have secured orders of protection against the three girls involved. The family is considering legal action against the district, they say.