LONG BEACH - A teen who attends Long Beach High School was arraigned on attempted murder charges today after police say he shot a classmate in the chest during an argument yesterday.Police say it happened yesterday afternoon near the Long Island Rail Road bus depot station in Long Beach, right across from the city's police headquarters. Officers there say they saw several teens fighting when the shot rang out.Police say Rodney Arnold, 17, was arrested at the scene, although the handgun was not recovered. Arnold was arraigned today on attempted murder charges. The boy who was shot, 17-year-old Opi Isaac, is still recovering in the hospital, but is expected to be OK. In court today, Arnold's mother said she doesn't know where the gun came from. She claims her son was "harassed and bullied" for a long time and says he fired the shot in self-defense.According to police, three others were also involved in the incident and were arrested a few blocks away.

Police: Teen shot in Long Beach; 2nd teen arrested