WOODBURY - Results from the most recent controversial Common Core exams given to Long Island students are in.

State education officials released the results of the English and math tests given to students in grades three through eight. While students are making some progress in both subjects compared to last year, leaders say they saw a greater improvement in math than in English.

In math, students performing at a proficient level and above rose from 31.2 percent to 35.8 percent. In English, those performing at a proficient level and above only rose from 31.3 percent to 31.4 percent.

It is not clear however if the results tell the full story, because as News 12 has reported, more than 50,000 students statewide opted out of taking the exams. Education officials say nevertheless the results are encouraging.

Education Commissioner John King says it will take time before changes taking place in classrooms are fully reflected in the test scores.