MONTAUK - Montauk residents say they are worried about their community turning into a "party town."

Nearly 1,000 residents packed the hamlet's firehouse Tuesday to voice their concerns to the Town of East Hampton.

They say partying in the community is getting out of hand and impacting their quality of life. Neighbors say the partying is increasing traffic, public drunkenness and rowdy behavior.

Police say nearly 130 summonses were issued over the Fourth of July weekend.

"It's gotten a reputation as a party town and that is not good," says Bill Akin, of Montauk. "It's not good for anything out here because everyone's property values decline and the people who are the core of the community end up going away."

The town supervisor, who was at Tuesday's hearing, will consider the options raised by community members. Officials and police say they will step up enforcement of existing laws and will look into new regulations to restore Montauk's reputation as a quiet, peaceful place.

The town board later said Montauk law enforcement officers will be paid overtime through the end of summer.

News 12 reached out to the businesses which residents say were sources of trouble, but has not heard back.