CARLE PLACE - Police found a missing woman and her car in a Stop & Shop parking lot in Carle Place Thursday, police say.

They brought her straight to a hospital. The black Ford Edge remained at the scene into the evening.

Kimberly Ferreira, 42, had been gone for around 34 hours, according to police. She did not show up for work Wednesday morning after dropping her nieces off for summer camp at Hempstead High School.

"That's when the panic kicked in, and my brother, who was out of town, had to fly back," said Jackie Susana, Ferreira’s sister-in-law. "I was constantly texting that I was trying to reach her, and there was no answer." 

The family was not sure what happened to her or where she had been, but Susana is just hopeful that she was found.

"Today our prayers were answered," Susana said. "She's alive."