ELLENVILLE - The sister of a New Jersey prostitute whose disappearance led to the discovery of eight sets of human remains near Gilgo Beach tells News 12 Long Island she's losing hope she will ever be found.

Sherre Gilbert's oldest sister, Shannan, disappeared May 1, 2010, from Oak Beach. Since then, Suffolk police have discovered eight sets of human remains in the area along Ocean Parkway, but each time new bodies were discovered, a call came that the 24-year-old woman wasn't among them.

"Whenever I get a call from the detectives, my heart immediately stops because you never know," Sherre Gilbert says.

Gilbert says while she doesn't feel her sister is gone, she doubts that her sister will ever be found, despite the massive search.

Gilbert acknowledges her sister was a Craigslist prostitute, but says she was much more than that.

On the one-year anniversary of her sister's disappearance, Sherre Gilbert says she and her two other sisters will travel to Long Island to the place where Shannan was last seen alive.

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