MIDDLE ISLAND - Neighbors in Middle Island say they have been victimized in a series of nighttime car break-ins.

Jennifer Gropper, a resident on Oak Crest Drive, says surveillance video from Monday shows a man rummaging through her vehicle.

Gail Bailey, of the Middle Island Civic Association, says the same man has victimized dozens of cars in driveways since the summer. She calls the break-ins an epidemic.

"These people are desperate, probably to get money for drugs to support a habit," says Bailey.   

Suffolk police from the 6th Precinct are aware of the break-ins and are on the lookout for the suspect seen on the video.

They suggest homeowners always lock car doors and park in well-lit areas. They also say to not leave valuables in the car.

Police say Oakcrest Avenue, Evergreen Road and Swezytown Road have all been targeted.

Anyone with information about the break-ins is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.