CENTRAL ISLIP - A Commack man is accused of stealing more than $225,000 in an identity theft scam to fuel a heroin and gambling addiction.

Detectives say between July and November 2015, 44-year-old Michael Katcher used access to his friend's company, Alpine Limousines, to steal customers' credit card information to conduct fraudulent transactions.

He allegedly used the information of his 21-year-old daughter and his friend to open numerous fraudulent business accounts and credit cards.

Police say the fraudulent limousine companies Katcher created include TAK Transportation, Charmwood and McKewens Limousine.

Authorities say Katcher was supporting a $2,000 a week heroin habit and a $100,000 a year gambling habit.

Katcher's court-appointed attorney Robert Curran claims there is no evidence drugs played a role in his alleged crimes and that the family is trying to raise the $25,000 bail.

Katcher is also being sued by numerous victims throughout Long Island and New York City for allegedly stealing more than $650,000 in a similar scheme.

Police are asking anyone who has used Alpine Limousine services to check their bank statements for fraudulent charges.

Katcher is due back in court Feb. 1.