WOODBURY - The Newtown, Conn. massacre has many people wondering what could have been done to stop gunman Adam Lanza's killing spree.

Reports indicate that Lanza's mother tried to have him committed, which could have sparked the elementary school shooting, but it's still unclear what mental illness the shooter may have suffered from.

Clinical social worker Richard Scheinberg says there are potentially dangerous people out there who are not getting treatment. Experts say this is because of a lack of resources and funding.

North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center Executive Director Andrew Malekoff says mental health services are just not a priority for lawmakers.

But Nassau Legislator Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury), says she's asked the Mangano administration to reconsider recent cuts to mental health programs.

"Legislator Jacobs fails to recognize the new programs that began following Hurricane Sandy," a spokesperson for County Executive Ed Mangano said.