AMITYVILLE - Village trustees held a meeting in Amityville Monday evening to discuss a redevelopment plan for Brunswick Hospital.

The Brunswick Hospital lot has been vacant since it closed in 2005 and many residents complain it is an eyesore.

Trustees are considering a proposal by a realty company to turn the site into a shopping complex. The complex would house a CVS, a bank and a restaurant. It could also include some apartments.

Some say they are in favor because it would bring jobs and tax revenue to the village. Others think there is too much retail stores in the area and would like to see the site have affordable apartments. Members of the school board say they are opposed to building more housing because their district has too many students.

Trustee Nick LaLota says many issues, including traffic, noise and flooding concerns, will have to be addressed by the realty company before the vote. A vote will take place sometime between August and October.