MANORHAVEN - Nassau police are searching for whoever dumped dozen of vials, syringes and rubber gloves that were discovered on a Manorhaven beach today.

Police say between 30 and 40 used hypodermic needles and drug-filled vials were spotted in Manorhaven State Park by someone walking along the water.

Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, of the Nassau County Police Department, says some of the items were found buried beneath snow and ice. Rubber gloves and packaging were also found strewn across a 100-foot area of the beach.

Investigators say they are now using batch or lot numbers found on the items to determine which hospital or medical facility the waste came from. Smith says the vials may have been filled with a type of steroid.

"Had it been a different time of year, someone could've been jabbed with one of these needles," Smith says.

Manorhaven State Park has been closed until further notice.