JONES BEACH - The Nassau County Medical Examiner's Office has confirmed that the remains found by Nassau police and state troopers along Ocean Parkway yesterday are human, but it is not yet known if the remains belong to one body or two.

Investigators used helicopters to search the sand and the brush along Ocean Parkway today in hopes of finding more clues in the Gilgo Beach bodies case.

If the remains found turn out to be two more sets of human remains, that would bring the total number of bodies found on Long Island beaches since December to 10.

The first set of bodies, those of four prostitutes, was found near Gilgo Beach in December. Law enforcement sources tell News 12 Long Island those remains have 'apparent similarities' to the way bodies of four other prostitutes found murdered in Atlantic City back in 2006 and the way that they were killed.

Last month, another body was found along the same stretch of Ocean Parkway, and last week three more were found.

Officials say the first set of those remains was found inside a plastic bag by a state trooper about 1.5 miles east of the Jones Beach water tower, not far from the parkway. The skull, however, was found more than 90 feet in from the roadside, sticking out of the sand near Tobay Beach.

In addition, News 12 Long Island has learned that one of the four sets of remains found last month is reportedly a child found near the body of an adult, wrapped in a blanket.

Deputy Chief Kirby told News 12 Long Island it seemed as though the remains that were found have been there a long time. In the past, police have been able to determine very quickly whether or not the remains found are of a missing New Jersey woman, Shannan Gilbert. Gilbert has a metal implant in her jaw that would make it easier to determine if it's her.

Gilbert's sister, Sherre, says just after the disappearance of the 24-year-old, a resident of Oak Beach called her mother and said that he saw the New Jersey woman on the night she reportedly disappeared and the following morning.

"He said that she was staying in his home, that he had a rehabilitation center for troubled teens and that in the morning her driver came back to pick her up," Sherre Gilbert says.

A few days later, Gilbert's sister says she and her family came to Oak Beach to talk to the man themselves, but he denied ever making the call.

Police say the investigation continues Wednesday with scuba divers searching the waters north of Ocean Parkway.

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