HEMPSTEAD - Tonight’s debate is the third consecutive presidential debate hosted by Hofstra University -- an unprecedented honor.

Spin alley, the media center for the debate, is filled with journalists from all over the world.  Seven-hundred spots for print, online and radio reporters, and more than 50 areas for TV stations to go broadcast live.

Outside spin alley, hundreds of news trucks line the parking areas surrounding the debate hall. Students we spoke to on campus today say it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there.

“There is nothing in the world like being in a room like this and out in the Hofstra parking lots where you have staging areas for every major cable news network,” says Hofstra senior Bernie Dennler.  “The eyes of the world are on the Hofstra campus right now.”

The setup for a live broadcast like News 12 Long Island will be doing all day long takes days of preparation. News 12 Long Island's Erin Colton has more on what it takes to make sure every second looks great, and times out perfectly.