HUNTINGTON - A man convicted of killing his newlywed wife 28 years ago is once again up for parole, and her family is fighting to keep him behind bars.

Diane Weaver says that she's pleaded with state parole officials six times in the past three decades to keep Matthew Solomon imprisoned.

Solomon was convicted of murdering Weaver's 22-year-old daughter, Lisa Weaver, when they'd been married for just eight weeks.

Solomon strangled Weaver during a Christmas Eve argument in 1987. He then dumped her body in a wooded area and claimed she had disappeared.

Solomon received a prison sentence of 18 years to life. He has been denied parole five times.

"He actually to me is a man without a soul," Weaver says. "He couldn't do those things and have a soul."

News 12's Doug Geed has written to Solomon in prison several times over the years requesting an interview. Solomon never replied to those requests, but a representative of a group pushing for his release says that after more than 25 years of imprisonment, supporters believe he's done his time.

"We're taught to forgive," says Suzan Arsenault, who lives upstate in Binghamton but visited Solomon in prison after meeting his brother, her local pastor. "Granted we'll never forget, but we can forgive."

Arsenault says she believes that Solomon has changed his ways. Diane Weaver disagrees.

"He's such a manipulator," Weaver says. "Matthew Solomon knows exactly how to act."

Solomon is expected to appear before a parole board next week.