A massive eight-alarm fire destroyed the newly rebuilt boardwalk, including dozens of businesses, in Seaside Park.

During a press conference, Gov. Chris Christie said it could take days to extinguish "hot pockets" that are still burning. It also could take days to try and figure out what started the massive fire.

However, Christie said in this uncertain time, one thing is for sure, Seaside will rebuild once again.

The massive flames that engulfed the Seaside boardwalk has now turned an iconic site into charred rubble. Just months after rebuilding from Sandy, the Jersey Shore now has to battle back once again, from devastation.

Christie couldn't believe he was once again consoling the Seaside residents about a disaster and said the wind was what really revved the flames yesterday.

Officials say a quarter of the 400 firefighters who battled the blaze were still pouring water on hot spots.

The fire began in or around a historic ice cream shop called Kohr's.

The investigation into how the massive fire started, as well as the calculation of just how much all this damage will cost, will begin soon.

Christie said the fire raged for eight hours and destroyed about five blocks of boardwalk.