MASSAPEQUA PARK - Long Island residents soaked up the sunshine Saturday as temperatures reached the mid-70s.

The path to Bethpage State Park was packed with people taking advantage of the weather.

Friends Megan McKenna and Lucy Aizen, of Massapequa, were excited to be on their bikes. “This winter felt so long and we are so happy that it’s finally time to be outside,” Aizen told News 12.   

The warm weather means trying times for Long Island’s only remaining snowman.

The Fregoe family of Massapequa Park worked to preserve their winter relic in their front yard with the help of ice packs and reserve snow.

The family is asking for more snow donations, or “snow-nations” from cold parts of the country to keep the snowman alive. A Facebook page called "Save the Snowman" has more than 2,600 followers.

Temperatures are expected to dip down to the 40s overnight, and warm up to the high 50s Sunday.