MANORVILLE - A Marine who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan was given the keys to a new, customized home Saturday.

Marine Sgt. Luis Remache was severely injured by a grenade blast five years ago. He and his wife Cynthia, who is also a Marine, got a tour of their home for the first time.

The mortgage-free, four-bedroom home was built by nonprofit organization Homes for Our Troops. It is completely wheelchair-accessible, including automatic door openers, pull-down shelving, a roll-under stove top and sinks and a large roll-in shower.

It took two years to build and was paid for by donations.  

The couple has been living with Sgt. Remache's parents in Queens for the past few months. He says it's been difficult; his wife and brother have had to carry him up and down the stairs.

"I can cook, I can help out my wife with the laundry," said Sgt. Remache. "This is a new start for me and my wife and the rest of my family."

The Remaches are expecting their first child in September and they are already planning to host a baby shower at their new home.

Homes for Our Troops currently has 74 more homes in the process of being built.