LINDENHURST - Escalators are still out of service at many Long Island Rail Road stations, including the one that was the scene of a deadly accident back in March. As News 12 Long Island has reported, a woman fell up the escalator at the Lindenhurst station and died when a piece of her clothing got stuck in the machinery, choking her. The incident prompted the LIRR to review all of its escalators and take many out of service for upgrades.According to the LIRR's website, nearly half of its escalators are currently closed for use. The inconvenience has many commuters out of patience, and out of breath. LIRR officials say final testing of the new equipment at the Lindenhurst station was supposed to be done about two weeks ago, but has fallen behind schedule. There's no word on when it will be open for use.LIRR: Escalator in fatal incident was set to be replacedAnother LIRR escalator accident leaves woman hurtWoman dies after falling down LIRR escalator