MANORVILLE - A new wildfire that broke out in Manorville is under control this evening, after it charred approximately 150 wooded acres and prompted the evacuation of about 300 homes.Evacuation orders were lifted at around 5:30 this evening, Suffolk police say. Chopper 12 was over the scene near Weeks Avenue and North Street, where firefighters battled the massive wall of flames that broke out at around 2:30 p.m. Today's fires weren't as massive as the ones that broke out in Ridge and Manorville last week. However, this time the flames sparked much closer to residential neighborhoods and a strip mall. Residents living in the area of Weeks Road and Middle Island-Moriches Road were told to leave. Homes and horse stables on Barnes Road in Manorville were also evacuated, as were residents on Calendar and Oak streets, and Douglas and Victoria lanes. A day care center was evacuated as well, officials say.County officials are warning residents not to burn anything outdoors. With a rain-free weather forecast until this weekend, it takes just a carelessly flicked cigarette to spark another dangerous wildfire.Chopper 12 footage over new Manorville brush firesNews 12 viewer photos/videos of new Manorville brush fires