MANORHAVEN - Some Manorhaven streets were still buried Monday following the weekend blizzard that dumped more than 2 feet of snow on most of Long Island.

Roy Smitheimer lives on Edgewood Road in Manorhaven, where there was still a solid layer of icy snow on the road Monday night.

News 12 reached out to Manorhaven officials regarding the status of the village's roads.

"We enlisted the help of outside contractors, but with the volume of cars that we have on the streets of Manorhaven, the mayor and I think they did a great job," says Leslie Gross, the village clerk.

However, not everyone agrees. Resident Jonathan Wynant says road conditions in the village can't hold a candle to neighboring towns like Port Washington.

Manorhaven officials say that plows have gone over the roads at three or four times, and six trucks were spreading salt. The mayor says he has been personally monitoring the situation and that 30 tons of salt and sand will be on the roads by Tuesday morning.

Drivers are being urged to park in driveways whenever possible, and also to avoid shoveling snow back into roadways when digging out cars.