MANORHAVEN - Some houseboat owners in Manorhaven say they are angry after being left without power for weeks, and they are blaming their landlord for the lack of electricity.

Tempers flared inside Manorhaven Village Hall as tenants of Haven Marina faced off against their landlord's attorney and village officials in a battle to save their community.

As News 12 has reported, tenants of the marina say their landlord, Heaven Realty LLC, posted an eviction notice last month. Shortly after, tenants say the landlord shut off their electricity and water and stopped garbage pickup service in an effort to push them out.

Since then, the tenants have been using generators to keep the power flowing. Some say they fear they will ultimately wind up homeless.

Village officials are remaining neutral in the matter, saying the situation is a landlord-tenant dispute.

The landlord's attorney says that power was not shut off by his client, but rather an employee of the property who had been ordered to quit and leave the premises.

The tenants expect a long fight now that they're taking the landlord to court, but they say it's worth it to save their floating homes.