MINEOLA - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) will find out tomorrow if enough trimming has been done to the county's budget when he presents his proposal to the state watchdog group NIFA.

The county executive is working to come up with $176 million in budget cuts as a 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline looms. He is also threatening to rescind planned pay hikes for county workers and lay off hundreds of other workers. At a weekend meeting, Mangano also asked the county's unions to come up with more cost-saving measures.

However, leaders such as PBA President James Carver and CSEA head Jerry Larrichiuta say enough is enough. Both agree that the workers in both unions have taken enough of a hit between dealing with lag payroll and now pay increases.

One thing Mangano has made clear is that he will not raise property taxes to cover the budget shortfalls.