WOODBURY - The new Nassau County budget is promising no hikes in property taxes, but it does call for an increase in fees.

Under Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano's proposal, $105 would be added to all traffic and parking tickets to fund new police officers. The result would change the cost of a red light camera ticket from $95 to $200.

In a statement to News 12, Mangano said, "The unprecedented times in which we live require an increase in our police force to protect the safety and welfare of our residents and will reduce overtime costs in policing public events."

Mangano calls the budget good for homeowners because county taxes are not going up, but democratic Leg. Delia DeRiggi-Whitton calls the plan smoke and mirrors.

She says the new fees and fee increases are simply back door taxes in an effort to close a roughly $85 million budget gap.

News 12 is told budget committee hearings will be taking place soon on the proposed spending plan.

The budget will be voted on by the end of October.