WOODBURY - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano's 2016 budget proposal includes a proposed tax hike.

The proposal includes a 1.2 percent tax increase that would cost the average homeowner about $22 more a year, but the plan also includes fee hikes for things like filing for a mortgage or requesting a tax map verification. Those fee hikes could give the county an additional $43 million.  

Nassau residents whose annual income is below $500,000 will get the money refunded as part of the state's 2 percent property tax cap, according to Mangano.

But Democrats say the plan will actually hurt residents.

"All together, it probably totals well over 5 percent in increases to the average taxpayer," says county Legislator Kevan Abrahams. "We don't think that budget is fair."

In part, officials say the tax hike is needed to replace money lost when the county canceled school zone speed cameras. The county is also losing sales tax revenue due to the lower cost of gas, according to Mangano.

He says that county costs are also on the rise, particularly health care costs for county employees.