WESTBURY - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano delivered his fifth State of the County address Tuesday evening from The Space in Westbury.

Mangano told the audience that his administration has put the county on the road to fiscal recovery by reducing the size of government by 20 percent, launching a plan with a new privately financed Nassau Coliseum and entertainment district and starting a program to keep young professionals and families from leaving the island.

"To assist young professionals and meet employers need for an educated workforce, my administration, with the assistance of Legislator Mike Venditto, has partnered with the private sector to create more than 1,000 new housing opportunities," Mangano said during his address.

The county executive also says he's working to end what he calls the billion-dollar wasteful assessment system.  He says he sat down with leaders to change state legislation so that the county is not required to return money it never received.

Democratic Legislator Dave Denenberg says he heard very little as far as solutions for the big problems the county is facing.  Denenberg says because of the administration's failure to fix the system, there's a $400 million deficit.