ROOSEVELT - A Roosevelt student's uncle was ticketed on her prom night for dropping her off for the big night.

The tickets issued by Nassau's Taxi and Limo Commission alleged that he was a hired driver, getting paid for his services without being properly licensed.

Samira Clarke says her sister rented the car as a graduation gift and her uncle was just helping her out by driving it when he was fined. The tickets amounted to $2,200.

"They held me for three hours, they held the kids from the prom," says Marvin Sinkler.
Clarke and Sinkler went to court Wednesday morning to fight the tickets and won their case. The tickets were dismissed.

"Now that this is all over, I'm just excited," Clarke told News 12. "Now I can look back at prom and say maybe it wasn't all that bad."

The Taxi and Limo Commission issued 43 tickets so far this prom season. Inspectors plan to attend several more proms across the Long Island this week to crack down on illegal chauffeurs.

"We're checking to ensure that the limousine drivers are licensed, which includes inspections," says Gregory May, of the Nassau Taxi and Limo Commission. "What we're doing is prom enforcement for the safety of the kids in Nassau County."

Those who believe they have been wrongly ticketed can schedule a hearing with commissioners.