BAY SHORE - Police shot and killed a man following a pursuit in Bay Shore early this morning.

Suffolk police say two officers pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Howell Road. The department alleges that Andres Morales, 27, ran from the car and led the officers on a pursuit down Dewey Place.

Police say Morales showed a gun. Officers responded by firing two shots into his torso, killing him. Investigators say he died at the scene.

Authorities continue to investigate the altercation. Police won’t comment on why Morales was running or if he had a criminal record.

News 12 Long Island has uncovered Facebook photos of Morales both posing with what appears to be a gun and making obscene gestures at police.

Two other passengers were in the car with Morales when he was pulled over. They were questioned, but have not been charged with any crimes.