OCEANSIDE - An Oceanside man who got into trouble for parking his plane in his driveway was arrested for allegedly threatening Hempstead’s town supervisor.

Harold Guretzky is accused of calling the Hempstead town supervisor's office and threatening Town Supervisor Anthony Santino and another town employee with a crossbow.

Police say Guretzky called the town and made the threats after officials removed a small plane parked in his driveway.

Guretzky's attorney told a judge on Tuesday that his client is harmless.

"He's an angry old man. He called up, he made a threat he's not going to carry it out," says defense attorney Mark Ialenti.

Guretzky has been in an ongoing dispute with the town since parking his plane in his driveway last summer. After being ticketed more than a dozen times and refusing to remove the plane, town officials stepped in last week and took it away.

Some neighbors told News 12 that Guretzky threatened his next door neighbor when she complained about his plane.

Guretzky's attorney says his client will fight the harassment charges and hinted at an even bigger legal battle ahead.

"There's no statute about planes. It’s about recreational vehicles. It could be a whole other issue," says Ialenti. 

Guretzky is expected to be released on $2,500 bail. He's also been ordered to stay away from the town officials.