LOS ANGELES - A man who allegedly breached airport securityand boarded a cross-country Virgin America flight has been orderedto remain in federal custody in Los Angeles. U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Wilner said Friday he was hesitantto grant bond to Oluwaseun Noibi based on the circumstances of thecase. Another hearing will be held at a later date regarding whetherthe man might be released on bond. Investigators say the 24-year-old boarded a flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport last Friday using an expired boarding pass with someone else's nameon it. The crew didn't realize an extra passenger was onboard untilmid-flight. After arriving in Los Angeles and spending several days in thecity, Noibi was arrested while allegedly trying to board a Deltaflight with another expired pass. AP wire services contributed to this report

Nigerian man accused of getting on plane with invalid pass