RIVERHEAD - A man who served three years after a deadly drag race is facing new charges.An indictment against Kyle Soukup was unsealed today, revealing new charges in an alleged drunken driving incident last week. The 27-year-old is now charged with DWI, driving without a license and resisting arrest in Southampton, while being out on parole for a 2011 DWI conviction. Soukup has already served time for manslaughter after drag racing and slamming a Corvette into a Jeep back in 2002, killing a young couple right before their wedding.Prosecutors say Soukup was driving his father's car last Friday morning when he nearly rear-ended a Southampton Village police officer, blew through a stop sign and then resisted arrest. Police say he fled, fell into a pool and then had to be Tasered to be brought under control.Today in court, the prosecution said Soukup stopped going to rehab because he said he couldn't afford it, although he has been renting a White Street house in Southampton at the cost of $115,000 for just two months.Soukup's attorney offered a very different version of events, claiming Soukup was just standing in the driveway of that rented Southampton home when the police pulled up. New charges for man charged with killing couple in 2002 drag race