SOUTHAMPTON - A man who has already served three years for killing an engaged couple in a 2002 drag race is now being held without bail, following a new run-in with the law. A Suffolk County grand jury indicted Kyle Soukup, of East Hills, after he was arrested and accused of driving drunk in the Village of Southampton last week. Court documents say Soukup refused a sobriety test and couldn't provide a valid license. When police tried to arrest him, they say he "thrashed and pulled away repeatedly." Cops charged Soukup with felony DWI due to a prior conviction last year. He is also charged with driving without a license or a court-ordered ignition lock, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. In 2002, Soukup was racing a Corvette against a Mercedes that slammed into a Jeep, killing an engaged couple in Muttontown. Soukup's indictment will be unsealed Friday at Riverhead court. His lawyer says he plans to plead not guilty.Two men sentenced to three years for deadly drag race in Muttontown