MERRICK - A Queens man who allegedly framed his ex-girlfriend by paying people to say she posed as a cop and robbed them at gunpoint is now being accused by another person who claims he was also set up by the suspect.Prosecutors say Jerry Ramrattan paid people to call 911 and say Seemona Sumasar robbed them while posing as a police officer. Sumasar spent six months behind bars awaiting trial before being freed earlier this month. Now, Deochan Singh, of Merrick, claims Ramrattan set him up as well, in what he calls a fake hit-and-run incident in 2007. News 12 Long Island has obtained paperwork involving the case, including police reports, insurance information and court documents. According to a state police report, Ramrattan told officers he was driving south on the Meadowbrook Parkway at around 10:20 p.m. in the right lane when he was hit by a blue Toyota minivan driven by Singh.Ramrattan claimed in his statement that Singh stopped, got out of the car, looked at him and then took off. The police report confirms that Ramrattan gave police Singh's license plate number and identified him later that night. Singh, however, insists that he was falsely accused.The charges against Singh were eventually dismissed. Details of the case, however, aren't available because the case has been sealed. Singh says his lawyers discouraged him from filing suit against Ramrattan for malicious prosecution because the likelihood of him collecting any judgment was "extremely remote." Singh went on to file complaints with the Nassau County District Attorney's Office in 2008 and then again earlier this month."If he's done this to this girl and me, who knows how many more people he's done this to," Singh says.Ramrattan's current attorney says he wasn't aware of the alleged hit-and-run and wasn't representing Ramrattan at the time.