CENTRAL ISLIP - Police say one man was arrested after a drunken crash on the Long Island Expressway that triggered a chaotic chain of events spanning about 7 miles.

Police say the ordeal began at around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, when 26-year-old Jonathan Moore got into a three-vehicle accident on the LIE. As Moore allegedly fled from the scene, police say a witness ran after him. During the chase, police say that witness was hit by a van and suffered a serious leg injury.

Officers say Moore continued running and wound up at Pride Solvents in Holtsville, where he managed to hop a 6-foot fence and steal a tractor-trailer. The trailer was parked in the chemical company's yard and had its keys inside, says Pride Solvents manager Dick Byerly.

Police say Moore then rammed through a security gate and drove the truck 7 miles to Patchogue, where he abandoned the truck and broke into the 20th Century Cars dealership.

Dealership employee Gary Brown says Moore kicked in a door and rummaged through desks, looking for keys to steal a car. Moore eventually left and was arrested nearby.

In court Thursday, it was revealed that Moore works as a truck driver and has prior DWI arrests. He is being held on $85,000 bond.