MASTIC BEACH - Police say a New Jersey man is accused of stealing home heating oil out of abandoned homes in Suffolk County.Investigators say 62-year-old Roger Bailey, of Lakewood, N.J., was spotted siphoning oil out of a Mastic Beach home over the weekend. Authorities believe he may have stolen oil from at least three other vacant homes in the area, and possibly more because he was found with 1,500 hundred gallons of oil in his truck.Authorities say Bailey would cart the stolen oil in an old box truck across Long Island, over the George Washington Bridge and into New Jersey, where officials believe he posted ads to resell the oil on Craigslist.Bailey's box truck had tanks, tubes and pumps, and police say it was leaking oil. They say they're glad he was caught before the truck was involved in a serious accident or hazmat spill.Bailey was not arrested, but was given summonses for not having proper permits and licenses. He's been ordered to appear in Mastic Village Court, but village officials say they worry he won't show up.