HEMPSTEAD - Police say a man is accused of murdering his girlfriend in her Hempstead home.

Police say Alan Espinoza slit Neyvin Espina's throat early Saturday morning. Espina's roommate found her body about 12 hours later.

Nassau police say the couple had been dating for a couple of months and lived together for only about four weeks before the grisly killing.

Investigators say the murder weapon has not yet been recovered. The motive in the killing remains unclear.

As a handcuffed Espinoza was led to a police car in front of reporters Monday, he said, "I am so sorry."

Espinoza was ordered held without bail.

Espina's boss says the victim was a kind woman who arrived in the U.S. just nine months ago from Honduras. She was working to send money home to daughter, who will be 8 years old this weekend.